IDEA THIRTY-EIGHT: Next Level Zine delivered to Next Level People

raymond pettibon

From the publication floor on the BRANDTRUEBOY skyscraper, I'd like to create a zine called Next Level People. Each issue would contain a couple hundred pages, prolly 300 to start, with anywhere from a paragraph or sentence to a whole short story, maybe even novella length of text devoted to this person whom the author has deemed a part of a new, next level way of thinking, feeling and being. The peeps might be philosophers or artists or poets or skateboarders or djs or fashion designers. Doll-makers and rhyme slayers. Trophy takers and vegan bakers...macro biotic innovators.

There'd be exactly one issue made for each person included in it, complete with handmade, personalized packaging. On the corresponding blog the goal of getting the copy to the person would be documented and photographed. Some of the people will already be famous so there will be the usual tribulations with trying to get in touch with them. I haven't decided whether one of the stipulations is that the zine has to be hand delivered with this documented in some form, like a signature or a pic/video of the handover.

I also haven't decided whether it should be just text. I'm leaning in that direction. Perhaps a simple line drawing in between pieces. I'd like the paper to be handmade and super thin. From Viet Nam or Japan and printed w old skule steez.

The logo could be imprinted on a wax stamp. I could go down to this place in the village and get that shit made up. One can always make prints using a soap eraser, a pencil, an exacto knife and some ink...

I wouldn't mind using a pinky ring like the fucked-up pontiff that I am.

The next level people are all those who fit that old Tortoise album title:

Millions Now Living Will Never Die

We will dovetail once and for all time, as we disappear like jet trails into a new eternity...



Blogger TRUE said...

im thinking the pages should be tissue thin, like in an old ass phone book. softcover.

8:17 AM  
Blogger TRUE said...

duh i already wrote that. but i wanna emphasize the thinness of those pages, so that the printed letters have a weight against the light.

8:35 AM  

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