What I hope to someday soon find on Twitter is the textual equivalent of lifecasting. That's to say, I'd like folks to Twit Yr Life, the theme song being sung to the tune of "Sing Your Life", by Morrissey, an appropriate choice for an genre based upon the over dramatization/significance placed upon the everyday, in a manner akin to wig-wearing English poets and 13 year old Goths.

(both of whom I love)

Anyways, to Twit Yr Life youd need a qwerty keyboard on a reliable MDA as you ran around, being you, and transcribing as much of the experience as possible. Youd have folks struggling to keep up their twit/minute ration. Better yet would be if you could get yr agent or assistant to do it--they could Twit Yr Life so that it would be in the third person. THAT would be some hot shit.

A whole new kind of PR--a whole new kind of serial entertainment.

"Microcom", perhaps?

"Sing Your Life"

Sing your life
any fool can think of words that rhyme
many others do
why don't you?
do you want to?
Sing your life
just walk right up to the microphone
and name
all the things that you love
all the things that you loathe
sing your life
all the things that you love
all the things that you loathe
oh sing your life
oh sing your life
Others sang your life
but now's your chance to shine
and have the pleasure of
saying what you mean
the rare pleasure of
meaning what you sing
oh, make no mistake, my friend
all of this will end
so sing it now
all the things you love
all the things you loathe
oh sing your life
all the things that you love
all the things that you loathe
oh sing your
oh sing your
Don't leave it all unsaid
somewhere in the wasteland of your head
and make no mistake, my friend
your pointless life will end
but before you go
can you look at the truth?
You have a lovely singing voice
a lovely singing voice
and all of those
who sing on key
they stole the notion
from you and me

Of course, my current goal is to Twit Yr Life in as few twits as possible, using as few words as well.


Blogger Siv said...

that'd be nice to read.

if you empty your life of ideas you could make em so short, although i wouldn't recommend it.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Siv said...

i just opened one. ima gonbna see what happens, cool idear.

8:59 PM  
Blogger j said...

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1:52 PM  
Blogger j said...

twitting the stuff in between is easy. the challenge is twitting in the thick of it. i havent been able to manage that. and its frowned upon in mixed (non twittering) company

1:54 PM  

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