IDEA TWENTY-SIX: Electronic Kick

The Electronic Kick is for meetings, both real-life and virtual. It would consist of two tiny round sensors. The first would be placed on the back of a person's watch between the metal or plastic watchback and the skin. The battery in the sensor would feed off the energy produced by the watch, regardless of whether it was mechanically or electronically manufactured. Another sensor would be placed somewhere on the person's clothes or body, or perhaps on a pen or handy that he or she will have nearby for the duration of the meeting.

The key if there are non-team members present in real or virtual viewing proximity, is to make certain the sensors and their use is well hidden.

The sensor underneath the watch is the receiver and the other one is the sender by which the person can send a pulse to another person by tapping it according to a preset number of times (once for teammate A, twice for teammate B, and so on). The pulse would be meant as "an electronic kick under the table" (thank-you, unrat) to the teammate on video conference who is babbling on or otherwise fucking up. With iChat, perhaps this could be built into the desktop interface as well, where you chould flag the person speaking in such a way that would only display on their copy of the web part, and remain invisible to the other meeting participants.

Still, such flagging would depend upon the person speaking to be refering to their desktop screen, which, in the case of long table in a large boardroom, might not be feasible. With the sensors on the particpants bodies, it doesn't matter if it's a conference phone call, an informal breakout session or even a cocktail party. The Electronic Kick could revolutionize corporate communiciations.

The first Wiki I ever spent time on and still the illest, after all these years...fusion anomaly: if u dont know, now u know!--enjoy!


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