IDEA TWENTY-EIGHT: Street level Google Map

Google should fuck shit up and revolutionize maps--offer street level maps for yr handy. There you'll be, trying to get to wherever u need to go and following a "sketch" rendering of the street that you're on as you walk/drive/bumble/trance along. That shit won't be too thick, graphically--just a bunch of lines to represent yr surroundings. Store names and subway stops will be represented according to the filters u set regarding the type of information u want to come into view as you walk forward.

An icon of some sort will glow over the direction you are to take according to the address you programmed in. once you get to that icon you'd click or say ok and the next one would appear.

Users would submit youtube type clips of them walking down a street with a camera on their jacket lapel and the google doods would strip it down to scenes out of Tron.

Gone will be the bird's eye and all of the misperceptions it engenders.

People scale is the best scale when it comes to guides of any kind, i find.

The spirit craves a form it can know.


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