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Dear Bill Gates,

Wassup, it's TRUE, here, riding up on u, trying to get your tremendously valuable attention. I've got to say that while I supsect I'm as smart as you, as creative and inspired and next level in my planes of inspiration and influence, the facts of our situations are pretty dissimilar--tho perhaps not as far flung from one another as most of my readers might think.

What I might lack is yr unwavering sense of direction, but I think that comes from having a product suite, something finished (aside from a service pack or two--ha) that you can really believe in. I'm getting there, but it's difficult cuz like you the means to my product is also the product itself--im creating a new form of art, and hence a new way of being in the world. And part of that new way of being intersects with yr network of products and situations that have been created by those products--and by that I mean the situation of business and communication in the world today: the situation of how we make the money we need to live, sitting in front of screens or else feeding or selling things to the people who sit in front of screens.

What i want is to be in at the helm to write the next chapter on the scale that it needs to be written at. BIG. Bill Gates=BIG. Tho in the case of what comes next, in order to be really BIG you have to think really SMALL. Xtra Small, in fact--the size of networks that are node-free...black strobelights, one-man bands, secrets posted for everyone to see...

C'mon, Bill Gates. Please. I got all these ideas and I need you to help me get them out as quickly as possible. I want my notions and schemes to get super-realized--cuz those shits aren't half-assed--that's some straight up next level on the page below and above me. Like the links on the side, they're more than twinkles in my eye...

Take, take, take...but be sure to represent. This blog and the auto emails generated every time I post stands as a receipt--a tag that i hope you attach to whatever you use.

My innernet time stamp feeds my deep seated urge to be seen.

You've gotta make it tiny in order to make it big.


Blogger simpleton said...

I second this, come on Bill!

6:07 AM  
Blogger unRat said...

i see u.

8:59 PM  

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