IDEA TWENTY-FIVE: "Electricity_WiKiscape"


To every NYC specialty restaurant, tasty deli spot, hair salon, pastrami steamer, late nite head shop, subway sandwich shop franchise, specialty lid shop, federal post office, chase ATM, belgian chocolatier and any other city bidnesses that i never seem to be able to re-locate when i actually need them--may I propose the creation of a city wiki based on tiny blue tooth data patches affixed to the doors (perhaps the patch could be cut in the shape of an old skool keyhole) of yr establishments? The patch would beam all the essentials about the place--address, website, reviews...right into a customer's celly, plus it would mark the date and time and add your having been there to a diary type log that is automatically generated complete with a readymade pic and contact file sharing workspace if you so wish to send out a URL to anyone who was there with you.

Some of these pix and details would have the option to be tagged public, making them searchable by the city wiki bots.

In this way, we'd build out the Electricity_Wikiscape, one nite at a time.


Meanwhile, more and more innernet nodes are being taxonimized.

The future is glob.


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