IDEA TWENTY-THREE: "A Fukt Up Mini-Cine Mix"

I like to zone out to the mixes i make and dream of scenes from movies based on BRANDTRUEBOY. I threw some songs together earlier this week, when I was having a bad time wrestling with feelings of inadequacy and frustration. The past was a gigantic parachute that i was tangled up in, free-falling thru my jobby day job and whatever social commitments I couldn't get out of...Maybe since I'm never bored it means I'm wired TIGHT, with a fierce rusty wand of an antenna running down the length of my brain. Things that happen and the feelings they cause get so INTENSE...it's so good and bad and beautiful, all at once.

Anyways, I imagined the first set of tracks blasting thru a movie theater's high def, dolby digital while TRUE stared, for several uninterrupted minutes, at a laptop screen and at various objects and books crammed into her a tiny room.

"138th Street", The Walkmen
"Scentless Apprentice", Nirvana
"Yer Blues", The Beatles
"Lonesome Tears", Beck
"A Different Point of View", The Pet Shop Boys
"Godlovesugly (Reprise)", Atmosphere

(It would be cool if the scene suddenly switched duing the guitar solo before the second half of "Scentless Apprentice" from the laptop and the room to TRUE standing on a hill in the middle of a fantastic desert, her hand outstretched to receive a ginormous black falcon)

Once the bird landed the film could go back to her not doing anything...drawing and making fake candy wrappers and then taking a looooong time to putz around, smoke, and then head outside. All of it in real time with the above music playing.

The movie becomes an excuse to hear the music and vice versa.

Besides, all that talking in movies sometimes gets to be too much.


Blogger simpleton said...

my father was of the sky
my mother was of the earth
and i am of the universe
and you know what that's worth

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i propose that the falcon be a baby mythological fuckin' thunderbird.

4:15 AM  

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