IDEA FIFTEEN: I wanna be a post-christian

I don't mean “post-christian” as in the fundamentalist Christian description of a jaded secular attitude towards christianity or of certain agnostic or atheistic beliefs that we are living in a post-christian era, in which all actual believers have been taken from the planet according to new testament prophecy. No, what I mean is Post-Christianity in the sense that I want to find a new way to be Christian (lower case “c” is on purpose) that at once acknowledges its history as one of the world’s major religions and rejects the continued relevance of that history. I see a two-pronged approach to this: a return to the old skool, O.G. Christian life—wandering the earth teaching and helping others along with the kicking off of a fierce multimedia philosophical project to THNK the historical moment that we find ourselves in according to the context of the dominant Judeo Christian western mindset.

By doing this we will attempt to live the very essence of Christianity through offering a critique of the world of which it forms the foundation.

Let’s try and change the focus…

Let’s bring back love.

(yr neighbor, like yrself)


Blogger the pants said...

my ex boyfriend wrote me an email once that said "if you would be holy, give up everything you have and follow WE." that was nice. i liked that.

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we edit out the part where it says "and spread thru the earth and germinate" or w/e "the earth is yours to conquer", that part is destructive, could fuck up our habitat.

and we don't need to convert the heathens i don't think, it would go further to show how christianity relates to their animist religion, highlight parallels instead of exacerbate difference

also maybe we could rewrite revelations so as to scare people with relevance

6:47 PM  
Blogger TRUE said...

it feels like revelations is coming true.

i never said anything about following the teachings of the bible. i think it's ridiculous that christians try to read the bible on a strictly literal level. there are narratives in many places but they are deliberately totally unbelievable exaggerations--complex parables. great writing--amazing poetry...but not a set of facts or rules.

those are for us, as a human community to decide upon.

11:10 PM  

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