IDEA TWELVE: Viral Skule

...and they will know us by our trail of logos...

To truly THINK the time we're in, to analyze it and come to understandings about it, as one tries to come up with the best way to live their one and only life, one has to grasp the failure of the american dream in all its americanness. Like every great American story the story of America itself will end with the hero being down for the count and staging a comeback against all odds...crouching in the wilderness, keeping company with the nite. America is the rebel. America is also the evil villian, stabbed thru the heart and lying still and seemingly dead, before springing back to life under the camera's steady gaze.

America is about it's underground--a cast of thousands, growing, spreading on the innernet...we have to take the upheaval of our nation's promise and reach out to one another with our ideas. We have to share, we have to build.

People from all around the world have to come and rebuild America.

We don't need no stinkin bricks and mortar--we just need WEBSITES.

I want to build the monkeyskule, a viral brand of online education, controlled by the social networks that connect it to its students. "classes" in software applications, cars, finance, web dev, electronic music, rebellion. I want to teach the youth philosophy, languages, art and lit crit. Semiotics, psychoanalysis...training in new discourses is the way towards a united way of thinking about things, not to mention a common language.

We can do it thru wikipedia, maybe, which, btw, is being dumped by its creator and becoming purely for the people, by the people.

We can create and disseminate--while the gigantic corporations scramble to sell movies on the web we'll busy ourselves with MAKING OUR OWN SHIT. we can change the tide, we can teach the youth, but only if they come looking for us. monkeyskule will not be advertised on some flashing banner or chunky text ad. in order to work really well monkeyskule has to mimic democracy: the people will come to it on their own will and volition.

We will risk it all by giving them the same tools that form tyrants--they will have an understanding of human nature as well as an understanding of meaning, and it's maleability. Skilled in the art of dialogue and rhetoric, we will create a virutal underground army that exists only online.

We will fight this generation.

Dismantle them piece by piece using not metal hooks or chainsaws but our MINDS.


Blogger nk said...

I am ready to take up arms and fight!

But I have a point of criticism. If we expect this little revolution to direct the masses' attention away from commercial iPod videos, we have to have the infrastructure to keep peoples' interests. We really need to push the envelope -- far more than we are doing right now. And there has to be something unifying this syndicate from the pile of shit in our network that is not worth an ounce of our time.

Our sites have to be rich with detail and style. This demand does not require us to follow a stylesheet. We already have our own stylesheets.

I imagine a world with new terminology, eye-catching images, excellent comments and truly unique thinking.

I don't live up to this. And I don't think I ever could by myself. But, thankfully, no (wo)man is an island. With everyone else, I can do it. I just know it.

Only then can we talk about giving people an opportunity to this low-quality commercial world.

7:17 PM  
Blogger simpleton said...

Have you seen pbwiki.com?

10:17 PM  
Blogger TRUE said...

i haven't, ray.

nk--infrastructure is where bg comes in.

but as for STYLE we've already got TONS

like that old pavement tune:

i've got style. miles and miles...so much style it's WASTED.


11:34 PM  

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