"mashUP/mixUP s/w": A program that reads a dj's track choice, either from the mp3 file or from a barcode on vinyl that a sensor on the turntable reads and sends to a database on the computer of all the barcoded song material. To each of these tracks corresponds the links to several cool as fuck youtube videos of the track--everything from corporate video commercials to homemade genius to graphic design grad student journey's of courses taken...the dj can rate the selections and tag the ones he or she wants to use in a set.

...a ping could go back to the youtube link to give the user a credit or something...a bandwidth bar perhaps...

It would be hot--the s/w would run the visual tracks in a similar, overlapping (or split screen?) cut-and-paste style that is the essence of a dj mix. You could have different youtube links of the same track playing at the same time in different rooms, different versions of the track being projected on different walls.

It seems like an obvious one. I wonder if any clubs or performance spaces are already trying this?

I like the idea too, of promoting it as a home party tool...something for the kids out in the suburbs out in the middle of nowhere.

A program like this would be super artsy and populist at the same time--not unlike the design of the original, all white iPods.

speaking of apple and third party people, andy had an idea
and posted it on his blog and now it's a part of iTunes version 7

that fucking kicks ass and it's exactly what i'd like to see come out of this site--one or two or more of these bad boy ideas getting freaky feely on some ferreal existence.

which is to say, i want shit to get MADE like oatmeal.

plus i want bill gates(aka "bonita a.") to put me on.

werrrrrd to the nerds

i hope u got paid, Andy

that was me rocking the google search, btw



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