Damn i bought a six dollar shake at Jamba Juice and i've been sick as a mofo ever since. It was a so-called "enlightened smoothie", which is to say it's one of the three or four lo-cal smoothies on the menu...which basically means they are admitting all of the rest of them are fatty boombalatty drinks...despite their hyperbolic attestations of health, youth and vitality. por favor.

When I get sick it really makes me wish (even more than normally) that I had the ability to leave my body and travel thru space and time encumbered only by the limits of my own imagination. A part of me wants very badly to live in cartoonland. Which is why i love the idea of the group the Gorillaz even more than the group the Gorillaz themselves: a band that exists only as a cartoon, that's the fucking shit. Too bad their music wasn't better. I mean, it's pretty good, but if it was just a tiny bit better...dang. Inspired by the Gorillaz and next level action figures, I want to create limited editions of a 12 inch tall figurine called MC REAL DOLL. Like other high-end, collector toys, this bad boy would sell for mucho dinero in boutiques in soho, the east village and billysburg. It would have that manga, philo-japania vibe and strike first at the collective fancy of the backpack hop-hop heads who are a little crunchy and a LOT high. They would in turn fetishize the dolls in their collectors circles as well as on their blogs and in the columns for whatever magazines they worked for...

Each doll would come SUPED UP with an imbedded MP3 player loaded with an album's worth of tracks. This would be the ONLY way to get the songs. You could plug headphones into the doll or hook it up to speakers. It would be so fucking bad ass...eclectic, high-end hip-hop--everything to the detailing of the doll's clothes to the found beauty quality of the obscure samples that litter a dark, cartoonscape production underlying a voice slightly mutated by vocoder to give it a faint plastic resonance...



Blogger King said...

I like this one.

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Blogger TRUE said...

i love vinyl dolls.

I wanna be a plastic idol.

12:31 AM  
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