IDEA SIX: DYKES ON A PLANE AKA DOAP (pronounced "dope")

art by Washio Tomoyuki
for Roots Magazine (who have a kick ass top menu bar on their site. those animated characters spazzing out when you hover over the nav choice--that shit is HAWT.)

Dykes On A Plane: Without a doubt it would be a viral video and youtube phenom--a repressed closet-case librarian boards a plane heading to san franscisco only to enter into a xanax induced psychosis in which hot and sexxxy dykes (some of whom are celebrity cameos) are set loose on the plane, crawling down the aisle and springing out of overhead compartments. Holy shit it would be awesome: scenes of female sexuality on the attack tricked out with anime and hella graphics to evoke the trippy state of the protagonist.

In between the laughs the parody would achieve moments of girl on girl heat.

Somebody film that shit and hit me up with a credit!

snakes on a senate


Blogger hijacked frequencies said...

i'd so watch this.

without popcorn even.

12:16 PM  
Blogger TRUE said...

ha! i'll bring the popcorn and we can share.

5:45 PM  
Blogger the pants said...

i'd totally get nekkid for this. filmed or in viewing.

5:14 AM  
Blogger TRUE said...

that would be so hot. the pants without pants in a theater.

im thinking the movie itself doesn't have to neccessarily be made. just a kick ass TRAILER...werrrrd

11:01 AM  

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