IDEA ONE: "You've gotta start this site somewhere."

Hey, yo.

Wassup, glad you could make it.

I have so many ideas...it's like what Dudley Perkins says on the intro to his album, "A Lil Light": I got so many ideas...I got so many ideas and I'm trying to get them out as fast as I can."

Time to start posting them on my innernet so that someone like Bill Gates will discover my genius and totally put me ON.

Werd to the nerds--IDEA ONE was one of those momentary flashes of product insight i sometimes get in places like fast moving hi-rise elevators, the florescent lit loneliness of a 7-11 at midnite, and the comment boxes of gorgeously brilliant bloggers (who also happen to be brilliantly gorgeous). I wrote this in response to the previous commenter who offered a "low five" for The Pants exchange with Jase of Big Brother fame who also once had a bit part on the show, Arrested Development:

oh snap--that's totally gonna be the name of my next teen punk band Low Five...the schtick can be that they're rich kids slumming to be legit punk rockers, meanwhile filming themselves the whole time for the reality show version of their rise to fame.

I love the phrase slumming it.

Maybe the show should take place in England...they could fake low class accents. Hmmm...that would get lost on the American audience, I'm afraid.


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